Thursday, March 29, 2012

A new MALE Primary Teacher Blogger!

I guess that sounds "sexist", doesn't it?  But I don't mean it that way.  I am always astounded when I see a male teacher in the primary grades.  They are few and far between!   They all seem to go for either intermediate grades, jr. high, or high school.  So many of our little ones NEED a male figure in their lives and it just makes my heart feel so good when a man will give his heart to the little ones.

Welcome, First Upon a Time!  I hope you all will check out his blog and give him a warm bloggers welcome!

P.S.  He's got such a great game for a freebie, too!
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  1. I have a surprise for you on my blog! A little thank you for all your great ideas.
    - Amanda
    Inspired in Second

  2. Thank you so much for giving me a little honorable mention. I feel like I have been very warmly welcomed and I appreciate all of the time people have taken to help me get on my way. As you noted, I am a male, in the primary grades and that does come with its own unique set of experiences. I am excited to share some of that with my new blogging family!

  3. Male primary teachers are desperately needed in primary schools. The job however, can be perceived as one not suitable for men. This perception is outdated and inaccurate and puts a lot of potentially great Male Primary Teachers off from joining the profession.