Friday, April 6, 2012

Going Eggy! Study of Oviparous Creatures

Yesterday was OVIPAROUS day - everything having to do with eggs!  (We have to be careful of using the word "Easter" because it is a Christian holiday and we aren't supposed to do anything related to regligion, unless we talk about all religions....but you all already know that, right?!)  So, we read all sorts of books - some fiction, some non-fiction, and then the students were given some choices for writing:
  • Fictional story about findng an egg and what was inside it
  • Non-fictional paper about oviparous animals
Now my students are a young group this year overall, so I use the term "story" VERY loosely when I talk about their writing.  We are finally getting our sound/letter relationships down and I can read decipher the words....for the most part.  It certainly looks like we will be working on handwriting even more after this writing activity!  And in spite of not focusing on "Easter" in the classroom, you can't take it out of their heads!  The Easter Bunny was first and foremost on most of their minds!

Here are a couple samples of our writing and art work, but if you'd like to see the full span of writing abilities in my classroom, please visit my classroom blog.  My students LOVE to use watercolors.  Maybe it has something to do with my love of watercolors....???  I am also one who makes sure the children have opportunities to do art work of their own creations, not just pre-fab or template drawn creations.  They never cease to amaze me what they come up with!


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Our modified (and probably incomplete) Circle map of Oviparous animals

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  1. We learn about oviparous animals too - there is the Easter connection without doing "Easter". And the kids love it! I blogged about a couple of the things we did: and

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