Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Seeing Spots!!!

Spots, spots, spots!  Yesterday I created a set of "I Have, Who Has....Ten Frames 11 to 30" cards for my class out of frustration.  Every morning the children put a counter into our ten frame if they are buying a tray from the cafeteria. 
Once everyone has arrived at school, I choose a student to "FLASH" the ten frames to the class.  We talk about what we saw.  For example, "I saw a 10 and a 2."  "I saw a 9 and a 2."  And from those who just PLAINLY WEREN'T LOOKING, "I saw a 5 and a 5."  Ugh.  Not looking? Doesn't care?  Doesn't get it?!  So, I made this set of cards for us to practice.  Now, let me mention, we do NOT have 30 children in our kindergarten classrooms.  And we do NOT expect the children to subitize (form mental pictures) for all the quantities of numbers past twenty.  Heck, if I could get them to subitize just to 10 I would be dancing!  BUT, I do think this game, played many times, might help with the familiarity of numbers past 10! 
I just love these graphics from The 3am Teacher!

BTW, I LOVE these foam ten frames! They are great for so many activities.  Suggestion: If you're going to FLASH the frames, be sure to have the children put the counters in with only red showing since an "empty" square has a blue background.  Otherwise the children will not know if the blue they see is a counter or an empty frame.

Have a GREAT Saturday!  I'm off to see Titanic at the local playhouse.  One of our teachers is in the performance as Molly Brown!  (Why I am watching all of these 100th anniversary shows about Titanic when I am going on a cruise in July is BEYOND ME!)

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