Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Falling in Love With You!

I took photos of my students lying down on a red plastic tablecloth with their hands over their heads, sprinkled with artificial rose petals.  Then I took the photos to CVS and had them printed with heart border. 

The students put their photos on the front of the card and decorated it with some little pink and white foam hearts.  On the inside, they  glued a piece of paper on the top flap that said,

" ___ ____ falling in ______ with ____," .  They filled in the blanks with "I am falling in love with you."  On the bottom flap was a piece of paper that said, " __________________________________!"  The students then  filled in the blanks with who the card was going to.  In my class we have children being raised by both parents, one parent, grandmothers, and even a GREAT grandmother! (She's doing a WONDERFUL job, too.)   The students then drew a BIG, BRIGHT, and BEAUTIFUL picture of themselves with the people the card was being addressed to. 
Click here for this freebie.

It was VERY cute and the parents loved it.  Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the finished card. 

This was not an original idea.  I do not remember who I "stole" it from, so if it was YOU, please let me know so I can give you credit!

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