Monday, February 20, 2012

Astronaut in the Orange Emergency Suit

When one of our dads who works for NASA visited our class last Thursday, a student asked him what the difference was between the orange spacesuits and the white suits.  Well, the orange suits are the ones you used to see the astronauts wearing when they boarded the space shuttle.  That suit is designed for "emergencies" or for launch and re-entry.  The white suits are used for "outside" - space walks. 

I decided to make an astronaut in an orange suit but may change it so the students make it as a glyph with them choosing between orange and white depending on answers to questions.  But for now, here's what it is going to look like.  (I am debating whether to take a photo of each student and put it behind the "shield" made of part of a baggie.)  We'll see how the time goes...


  1. Great ideas! Thank for sharing..

    1. Thank you. I do plan to get my space unit up soon....I really do.