Saturday, May 19, 2012

Check out this video! PALENTOLOGY

The students LOVE this video and song.  They ask for me to play it over and over again!  Dr. Dino came on Friday to do his presentation to the class.  On Monday afternoon when we were going out to recess, one of my students asked if he could take a clipboard outside.  I said "sure" and when we got outside, I noticed him going up to students one at a time and asking them something.  Then he would write.  Eventually he came up to me and asked me, "Mrs. Berry, would you like to be a paleontologist?"  I replied, "I sure would!"  Then I noticed he wrote my name down on his paper.  He was collecting data!!!  I was so impressed!  I shared it with our art teacher - Dr. Dino's wife, and told her to tell her husband that he'd REALLY made an impression. After all, a full weekend had passed since the presentation, AND we'd spent all morning making our pirates which I thought was his favorite topic of all time!  I think he has a new favorite!

For many more photos of our Dr. Dino visit and our paleontology unit, please visit my class blog:
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